xmj's notes

Meixner GmbH Mission Statement

The firm Meixner GmbH (a Swiss LLC, with founding capital providing some runway) exists to facilitate research and development into software infrastructure and architecture. To start out, I will invest my time and energy in building out a set of “infrastructure as code” usecases and develop the necessary scripts to bootstrap and configure the infrastructure required to deliver maximum reliability, robustness and security.

Efficacy in IT comes from reusing already existing material in new ways, building on top of other’s work, and leveraging under-used options towards user benefit. I believe that whereas current mantra require you to go ‘cloud first’, ‘cloud’ is code for someone else’s computer, and that there may be better solutions than relying on outside vendors in all eventualities.

So, my firm will investigate ways in which maximum added value can be generated through ownership. Of opensource tools where possible, of platforms where necessary, of privacy and retention of data wherever.

In it for the long game, I will explore ways to scale this venture beyond the typical owner-run micro business I had set up before. Using fellow freelancers when necessary, hiring employees as soon as possible.

All in service of satisfying customers’ infrastructure needs through research into new applications, and development of best practices around those.